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There is no awesome feeling like placing your bundle of joy in water regulated temperature in a baby bath tub.

You have waited for your baby to arrive and you can’t afford to risk their health especially when they are having a bath.

One thing I have come to note is that most babies get infections like flu and cold because they were not properly care for during bath time. Here are some tips and precautions to follow before you undress to bath your baby.

Safe Baby Bath - Considerations Before Bathing Your Baby

Bath your little one in a warm place or room. On a cold room, your baby could inhale the cold air and they may get cold of flu when they're naked in a cold saturated room.

Use warm water to bath your Angel. Avoid cold or hot water for obvious reasons. Your little one may get flu or burn the tender developing skin.

Don't bath a baby after they've just fed, tired or if your little one is sick. Let them recover before tossing them in the bath tub for washing.

Keep everything you need to bath your baby close to you. Do not undress your baby until you're set with everything you require during bath time. In other words, do not leave the baby in the bath tub unattended.

Some basic bathing items include: cotton wool, towel, wipes, clean cloths and nappy, baby cream, baby soap and more, depending on your baby's needs.

If you're not using the sink, position the bathtub on a flat surface. Avoid staircase or other slanting and elevated surfaces. The baby bath tub may slide when you're bathing the baby.

Never lift the bath tub with your baby. It's risky as you may slide or drop the sink accidentally, causing injury to your baby.

With that in mind, let's see how you should bath your baby

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How To Bathe A Newborn Baby In A Bath tub

Bathing a baby is tricky. They're tiny and delicate. Sometimes you're skeptical about how to handle them because you feel they can slip through your hands.

However, you should only give your baby a full bath when umbilical cord drops off. And sometimes you may require assistance from another care giver when bathing your baby.

As a rookie mom who is new into parenting, you don't want your little one to catch flu or cold in the process of bathing. Here's how you should go about it:

1. Fill the bath tub with warm water

Fill the tub with warm water to a depth of not more than 12 cm (between 2-3 inches). The water should not exceed the shoulders. As I said, do not use hot water when bathing your baby. A bath tub like Boon soak 3 stage bath tub has a temperature gauge to determine the water temperature levels.

If the baby bath tub you're using does not contain a temperature indicator, use your elbow to feel the water temperature levels.

2. Undress your angel

Undress your baby, while holding them with a towel. Babies are vulnerable to catching cold and the towel will keep them warm before you pop them in water.

3. Keep your baby supported

Use one hand to support the baby's neck and head, so you can support your baby from the back. Use the other hand to support the baby's bottom, and gently pop your Angel in the water regulated temperature.

While supporting the head and neck, remove the hand from your baby's bottom and use it to wash your baby.

4. Wash your baby

Wash your cute baby from the front to the back and from top to bottom. Clean the baby's face, around the ear creases, the neck region and the nose using a cotton wool damped in lukewarm water.

Bath time should be fun and you can train your baby to scoop and pour water on their body. Some bath tubs like Fisher price bath tub rainforest friends have these features while others have other toys to make bath time fun. 

5. Dry your baby

Remove the baby gently while supporting their neck and head with one hand, and the bottom with the other hand as you wrap them in a towel. Dry your baby with this towel while wrapped. Don't forget to dry the folded regions like neck and around the ears.

6. Empty the baby bath tub and rinse with clean water. Dry the baby tub and store.


Planning ahead before bath time will eliminate those worries that you’ll lack anything you’ll need for bath time. 

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